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curlsfantasy Rating
I wish it was extended longer with a bit more detail to the story. Other than that, I thought the story was very sweet. 2nd volume/chapter is a completely different story with the main guy. I wouldn't suggest buying it if you're looking for more of the main characters from the 1st story.
CammillaBlack Rating
Kind of short but sweet. It made me a little sad but the ending was good. It was sweet. Would've loved to read a continuation but very good by itself.
xxanimeaddictedxx Rating
I was disappointed in the story since I wish it was more fleshed out. The art style and the characters are good but the plot needs more substance.
Otometrash Rating
I really love this story! It's very different from your typical love comic. The characters are very likable, though I wished that the second female and her manager had their own story (they seem like they would be very cute together). Overall a great read!
nohface Rating
Aww im happy it all worked out, i really enjoyed reading this