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mariais28 Rating
Love it love it love it this was so good I can watch it over and over again if people want to know what this is about it's about some of the one night stands can love at the same time it is so worth the tickets anybody wants to see this I encourage you to watch it once again I love the story
Weeb4Life Rating
A collection of oneshots of VERY mixed quality featuring 5 different "couples". The first couple are the best, the girl looks so sweet and innocent but actually has some very dirty thoughts and desires which the guy is all too happy to fulfil, leading to a steamy, yet still loving, relationship. The second are the worst, the girl starts off very confident in herself and her wants but the moment she starts interacting with the guy she's been obsessing over, she turns into a shy, insecure virgin (you love sex why are suddenly so ashamed of yourself?!), whereas the guy leads her on the whole time, all while cheating on his wife (who's away giving birth to his kid!!). Despicable scumbag! The third features another cheater, but at least the girl stays confident and secure in her sexuality. Fourth is really adorable, won't spoil because the twist is too good! Fifth is also great, insecure girl desperately wants to finally lose her virginity, horny pervert (with heart of gold) obliges.
Raody Rating
Short stories focused on different desires and needs. I enjoyed it. Art was decent, one story has some pages in colour. Good variety.
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