User Reviews For: At Nightfall the Haughty Stylist Takes over the Beauty Salon


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TrinaCasey Rating
I loved this story, the plot isn't original or anything but it draws you in and that make this story awesome!
michan Rating
Relatable characters and an interesting plot. However, the heroine's indecision could sometimes be grating. The erotic scenes are very well composed, though. Would recommend!
neha200 Rating
I hope there's more. The story is pretty cliche but it's by the same person who did my husband 10 yrs later (I think...I forgot the title) so I love the art. Witnessing the person you like with someone else is quite the traumatic experience for any girl but I'm sure this childhood friend is much better and will help her fall in love for real this time. I just can't wait to see their love develop. I wish the chapters were longer.
Nymph Rating
Aww the characters in this are cute. It has a nice arc and the steamy parts are rather enjoyable.
shiseiten Rating
Childhood friend and megane. Double shot to the heart!! Short and sweet, I feel in love with the art style in the 10 years husband story by the same duo. This one is a little more typical of a story but I love that both of the stories I've read by them have scenes of female friendship as well. So many of these don't include that kind of relationship so it's nice to get it and have it work well. ANYWAYS, this story was very cute, sexy, and worth the 1 ticket per chapter. I can't wait to read more of their work.
Tnuriko Rating
I really liked the story. It was romantic with just enough erotica.
CastleRead Rating
Wow, that got somewhere fast. XD *snickers*
lanling Rating
Can't wait! Im loving it especially when they're childhood friends.
Abraxela Rating
So far, I simply loved it! Hope, we will see more of that hot guy with glasses!