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ChikaneNoMiko07 Rating
This is a SUPER cute story! The ghost Taiga is so adorable, I fangirled over him so hard. As long as you don't come into this story thinking it's ACCURATE occult lore (It's so not even close haha^^;; ) you will love this cute little one shot. Definitely worth the read =)I have absolutely no idea how Ryota can "actually" touch Taiga as a ghost, but hey it's cute boys with cute love and cute smut. I won't question it! LOL
terse Rating
I got reeled in by the preview as well. There's no real depth to the story, the background story could've been executed better. It's a nice story but leaves a lot unsatisfied. I guess the problem was the pace of things and how unrealistically they fall into love with each other. And maybe the other problem is that the challenges/obstacles were solved too easily?! Anyway, I'm a masochist when it comes to the suffering of fictional characters so if you're not a maso, then perhaps it'd be ok to spend the bucks!
liszst Rating
Hmm. Gotta admit, the preview definitely found a way to get me to buy a rental. However, it didn't have the closure I was looking for. There were too many loose ends. It just ended abruptly, like the characters were living life so carefree-- I almost envy their lack of consideration towards their future. I'll lay off though. This is a lighthearted yaoi manga about a guy getting it on with a dead delinquent. Best not to think too much about it.
FreshLink Rating
Oh wow... everything about this short story captivated me, from art style to characters to the progression of the story. I wish there was more as in this single volume I've already grown attached to these characters and would love an eventual sequel (maybe). First buy and most certainly glad it was~!
YokaiAkito Rating
I enjoyed this manga quite a bit! For those unsure about the 'ghost' element of this manga, it is not scary at all! The story is pretty silly, and the artwork is really great. The ghost and occult elements help to create uncertainty in their relationship, and adds just the right amount of drama! I recommend this for anyone that loves tsundere or 'loving bully'-type characters and sweet stories!
Skaenund Rating
Super cute story, a little sad perhaps but generally sweet. I would love to see a sequel or spin off with side characters since this was quite a good read. Honestly cracked me up a lot.
ebookrenta0xov3nz4m Rating
Absolutely adorable. It was cute and the characters are just adorable in their own ways. Need like three more books about them.
LMonster2 Rating
I wish this story was a bit longer. It is cute how feeling grow over time, but I felt that something was missing overall. But still a cute story you won't be disappointed reading.
ShadowPlague Rating
This was a very sweet manga to read, and i enjoyed every second of it. Well worth the buy!
Loreoxene468 Rating
I've been wanting this manga for ages and i gotta say for me it was totally worth it. The characters were so cute, i love the art style so much and wish there was so much more volumes.I'm very happy just to read this over and over again when i please.
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