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Calanchan Rating
This is both hilarious and sexy. I can't wait to know what goes on.
mzblue99 Rating
This was one delightful with just the right amount of romantic smut. It had its dark themes but they were brightened by the love the main characters had.The only disappointment was I really wish Renta would translate the extra included in the original Japanese version. It was a yummy smutty extra where our heroes loved up one another and a box of "toys" was involved.Please, please, translate this extra.
reisara Rating
I love Scarlet Beriko; her artwork is gorgeous and her ability to tell a story is second to none. Minori's Hand was a great story, and this one is even better. One of my favorites ever, not only of hers. I'm so looking forward to the next chapters! They can't come soon enough!!!
candybaker21 Rating
I had my doubts, but I love this so much now! Can't wait for more. <3
kolatte Rating
yep i came to renta just to read this but the translations are pretty slow eh?
shaniblue Rating
This is to funny!! Can't wait for the rest :)
LMonster2 Rating
I read this before a long time ago and being able to support it now just makes me happy. I love the art, storyline, and everything about this.
GregorIAN Rating
I loved this series, but they really translated it in a way which either completely skipped over certain comments / points (such as the daycare having a lot of yakuza kids) or undercut the trauma. While I understand why they watered it down, it makes it a bit more awkward than the original.Nothing on the artist - just a not as good translation.
ShuckyDucky Rating
I absolutely loved this series...I usually never write reviews but this couldn't be helped. It had everything, sexy, romantic, hilarious, serious, and scandal. Buy all eight unlimited you won't regret it.
MeisterJ Rating
A great book. Yakuza yaoi are always fun, no exception here. Tatsuyuki and Nozomi are a bit of a whirlwind relationship as they come together, even with Rogi's meddling, or maybe because of.Great sex scenes abound and seeing how the characters support one another and encourage in spite of their past pains makes for a stronger narrative. The art is fantastic.
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