User Reviews For: Desire in the Shadow of the Trees


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easterlily16 Rating
A sickly boy was sent to the countryside to recover, met his gardener's son and became attached too him. Maybe a little too attached. The plot for this manga is nothing new and expectedly quite predictable. However, the art is an apple to the eye, the characters are beautiful (physically), and the ending was sweet. I love the idea that the gardener's son has been in love with the main protagonist since the first time. There's a lack of character development, though, and there was one rape scene so if that makes you uncomfortable, skip chapter 4 from page 22 to the end. Still, I love this.
Sophieneechan Rating
It does a good job carefully raising the tension without revealing too much too fast. The heavy moments and the lighter moments, with the memories sprinkled in between, help the reader feel that same tension, that
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