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Rachel Adams Rating
I love this story. I've re-read it so many times. The characters seem real, the story flows in a pleasing manner, and the romance is genuine. Lots of fun as well. So, overall, a sweet, well told story that you would be happy to come back and read at a later date.
Majala Rating
Genuinely entertaining ... a sweet love story of a tomboy growing up and trying to win a bet with her childhood friend. So different from the clich辿 romance stories. A breath of fresh air.
kay4120 Rating
sweet sweet love...makes me want to fall in love again ^^ this story is highly recommended if you are looking for something to warm your heart.
Weeb4Life Rating
I'm really torn about whether I like this or not. On the one hand Franny was a great female lead, feisty, energetic and headstrong with the right amount of fragile insecurity and longing for love, she genuinely wants to change and I really want her to be happy. There was also some comedy, mostly towards the start, and some sweet moments, Elise is a great friend with great advice. But on the other hand, Brett was so unreliable and flaky, he kept playing with Franny's heart (though unintentionally), he kept getting her hopes up only to dash them every time, I can't stand how much he kept hurting her even if he didn't always mean to. I honestly think she should've moved on when it was clear that he wasn't taking her and her feelings seriously, and tried dating other guys to get more experience with love. All in all this story left a bad taste in my mouth.
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