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fandomnightmare Rating
Strange, beautiful, poignant. I picked this up after someone mentioned it was Shoowa's only licensed work in English. It's very unusual, I can't say I've read anything like it before. It starts off feeling like it'll be a book of oneshots and then evolves into a longer story. The longer story is somewhat allegorical, and has a vibe that's somewhere between pure fantasy and magical realism. I hope to see more of her works in English someday.
Pilaricab612 Rating
Wonderful, beautiful, magic! Shoowa shows us several related stories in a forest where no animals can be eaten.
ebookrenta0jmiss0jm Rating
This might be the most bizarre compendium I've ever encountered, but the stories are well written and tug at your heartstrings in the most gentle of ways. If you ever want to stop reading it, just keep going, because the plot is about to twist anyways
belovedless Rating
More BL than Yaoi. Really experimental and a little hard to follow at times, but the characters and the world are so robust and interesting that I couldn't help but love this one!
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