Gilbert, the head of the family and keeper of his mansion, is not having his desires met.
After embarrassing the family at a meeting for an arranged marriage, he is forbidden to leave the house for a week while his butler Noah keeps an eye on him.
The freedom - loving, woman - craving Gilbert cannot take being locked away without making love any longer and tries to get some privacy so he can "get in touch with himself"...
But his butler won't leave him alone and even ends up offering his "services!"
Noah used to be so cute when they were kids... And he soon realizes that he's still cute!


Yaoi_MangaRomComMaster_and_ServantButlersLocalized by Renta200pts-299pts

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author :

Ichiro Tsurugi

publisher :

Brite Publishing

Rating :


Japanese :

Toshusama wa Toku he Ikitai

Localization by :


Item List Current ch. 1 completed

Master Wants To Go Far Away.

Pages: 41

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