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This is off to a hot start, can't wait for a rolling boil. Good art work & the plot looks promising.
This looks very promising, fun plot & hot scenes. The only down side are those damned light sabers <grrrr>
Is there an award for Despicable Piece of Shit? If so, I want to nominate Reiji, with Leo added as a world class hypocrite. He let Yuji think he found him of actual worth, while fooling around with garbage like Reiji. After not even bothering to offer Yuji any form of apology for being a total douche, he goes off on Tetsuya for something he admitted was wrong. Give me a freaking break.For an honest comment, what has me waiting for Ch 7 is the chance of Reiji being beaten to death & tossed in a dumpster. As to who Yuji winds up with, maybe Tetsuya? The one who wounded him has the karmic debt of making him whole, IMHO. But who knows? Perhaps he'll have the sense to move far away & move on.
This had me chuckling the whole time. Nice artwork, though wish it had shown more. If you enjoy humor on the raunchy side, this won't disappoint you!
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