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This is non con fyi. Similar to the author's other work which had enma in it. Like what??? The story escalated so quickly over a piece of apple. It's not a one star because I like the art. Plus like the other story the female mc is actually someone interesting... but still like what?SpoilsThe dude tried to feed her an apple off the floor, she didn't drop it btw she just accidentally knocked someone else's piece out of their hand. Then proceeds to violate her cause she "disrespected" the apple. The things authors come up with these days.
I love the art a lot. In the 4th chapter we get to see a different point of view. I always enjoy reading different points of views in stories. Leaves me with a warm feeling knowing that both mc's care for each other.
The art is good, the storyline is weak. The translations were awful. Most of it didn't make any sense, and grammar was definitely lacking. The modeling theme barely got touched on. There was no reason for her to know so early in the story that she'd need to be a model. She barely did anything, she just existed.
Gotta love the fan girls and their crazy imaginations. I like this theme because it doesn't leave us with a female lead that's boring.
It's very cute. I love the art and the story so far. This is a new theme I've yet to come across on this platform where both main characters have animal traits and I gind it so cute! It's definitely a must read! You won't regret getting this one.
They went right to it and I'm a bit concerned by it. Tho she is dead so I guess the situation is different in the afterlife. I like the art and the female mc.
The story is hilarious! The main characters are so lively, and the male MC is definitely a fresher kind in comparison to the cliched alpha males in typical mangas that are directed to females. It's always a surprise and very interesting to read.
The art could be smoother and the story could have been ranged a little better. It was a rather cliche but still overall sweet.
The story is very cute and the characters are so wholesome even though their actions are not. Lol. Only problem is how the story is formatted. I would get the regular manga formats but there's no permanent option and the cost is too great for a few pages.
The story is inconsistent and the translation is iffy. The art is pretty good, not quite great. I liked the premise of the story, however the story was so rushed I couldn't really get into it. For the price of it I was hoping for something more.
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