A Lonely God's Very Divine Merriment

author :

satsuki yuki


Tsukasa wanders into a deserted, run-down shrine, and gets "spirited away." He is caught in a predicament. He gets assaulted, his clothes taken off, and then sucked... It's the only way he can get back to the mortal world. He tries to resist at first, but with his life on the line, he places himself in the god's hands. What will happen to Tsukasa's chastity when he can't go home unless he makes love to a god!?


Yaoi_MangaJapanese_CultureFantasy200pts-299pts Completed

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author :

satsuki yuki

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Japanese :

Hitoribocchi Kami-Sama no Yangotonaki Tawamure

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A Lonely God's Very Divine Merriment

Pages: 34

A Lonely God's Very Divine Merriment: Continued

Pages: 32

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