Hooked on Being Dumped

He could never tell him the way he feels about him... but getting physical is different!! Keita is on the hunt for love, but he always seems to get dumped and end up fighting. Ryujiro (Ryu) is his friend since high school that he seeks refuge with, who tends to his wounds... the very guy who made Keita develop a habit of falling for straight guys, and Keita has been in love with him forever. Ryu is a nice guy who was willing to oblige Keita when he got drunk and said he might die if he didn't get horizontal with someone. He holds his hand and rocks him like a lover, so sweetly that Keita can't help getting the wrong idea...

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Hooked on Being Dumped (1)

Keita has a habit of falling in love with straight guys who are quick to dump him. Ryujiro is the friend who gives him comfort when he's down... and he's also the one who first got him interested in straight guys...[30pages]
Pages: 30
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Hooked on Being Dumped (2)

Keita may be falling in love again! A cool delivery man with a nice smile is dropping by the convenience store where he works. It's springtime again for Keita... but Ryujiro has gotten into one of his angry periods...[38pages]
Pages: 38
Rent (48hrs) : $

Buy : $2.00


Hooked on Being Dumped (3)

Keita is starting to feel restless about his delicate relationship with Ryujiro. They get physical, Ryu is showing signs of jealousy, and Keita can't stop thinking that he just might have a chance...![40pages]
Pages: 40
Rent (48hrs) : $

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Hooked on Being Dumped (4)

Ryujiro's secret is out, and he's standing on the edge of despair. Now that Keita knows how he feels about him, he can't bear to face him. He locks himself in his apartment and reminisces about how things were when they first met...[36pages]
Pages: 36
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Hooked on Being Dumped (5)

Learning that their feelings have been mutual, Keita goes to Ryujiro's apartment to check for himself how his friend really feels about him in the final installment of a popular series about a frustratingly delicious relationship.[41pages]
Pages: 41
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author : Taka publisher : KiR comics Shitsuren Junky

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July 07, 2021 (JST)
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