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urara Rating
Taka-sensei's debut comic is finally here!! I read the JP tanko and I'm so happy for the Eng release!! I'm incredibly in love with Taka-sensei's amazing art! The characters' manly strong sexy bony hands and their big wide sweet happy smiles brings immense joy to my heart!Keita's character gap is extremely loveable like he's so darn cute!! Ryu is one of the most interesting top just wait till you read from his pov!! Please check them out!
Niccus Rating
Have you ever wanted the fan fic trope idiots lovers as a manga? Then this series is for you because these two are dumb as hell, and madly in love with each other. Very good if mutual yearning is your jam.
TomatoKah91 Rating
This is right up my alley. Best friends, to sex friends, to …. Lovers? MC's a little dense, but then if he wasn't there wouldn't be any pining, now would there? It's cute. And the love interest seems to be lovely.
Rosasusannah Rating
For a relatively simple story, this manga surprisingly turned out to be a 10/10 for me. The art is visually appealing while still fitting the feel of the story and conveying humor and emotions very well. The characters are fresh. I love delinquent characters and Keita is one but not in a way that's over the top. I love how masculine he is and him being a total bottom is not treated like a big deal. It's just what he's into. Ryu is hilarious but somehow that doesn't make him any less sexy. They're perfect together and the steamy scenes are honestly some of the best I've read. I'm so looking forward to more from this creator!
ebookrenta0r3hxmxr0 Rating
SO CUTE!! Just two simple dudes who love each other and the comedy and pining is chef's kiss A+! Right up my alley with the art style too they're brawny and still so cute! I love how fight-y the MC is lolll yet he's so dense and pure <3 you'll love the ML I swear
beryllbaum Rating
This is such a cute read. I love the art style and there were so many funny moments.
SadAsian Rating
Adorable and spicy. I love the friends to lovers trope
dickswithknobs Rating
So adorable! Probably your basic miscommunication trope, but these two are just so precious that I love it anyway.
Soda Rating
The art is amazing and so is the story. So cute and looking foward to Taka making more!
hellion Rating
The art style and plot are definitely for me!! Definitely will wait for the next chapter(s) !! <33
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