Baby, Sugar, Succubus [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]

author :

Sakana Tojo


Cafe manager Arata is almost 30, and he can't get girls because he's just too big! But, everything changes when he meets Shinya, a serious and way-too-innocent college-student who also happens to be a rare form of succubus... a male one. Shinya feeds off of a certain bodily fluid that Arata finds himself all too happy to provide. The sheer contrast between Shinya when he's "feeding" and his usual good-boy self is just irresistible in this ultra-fluffy, sweet, sultry romantic comedy!
This book edition includes the bonus, never-before-released 30-page comic "My Sugar Succubus"!


Yaoi_MangaIncubus/SuccubusMythical_BeingsFantasyCollegeLocalized by RentaUpgrade PopularFull Volume/Tankobon

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author :

Sakana Tojo

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Junet Co.,LTD

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Japanese :

Baby Sugar Succubus

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Baby, Sugar, Succubus [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]

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Pages: 184

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