User Reviews For: Baby, Sugar, Succubus [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


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Kmm07n Rating
I can't recommend this manga enough. Super fluffy love, super hot sex scenes. If you're looking for something low drama, with mutual consent and love between the main characters, this is definitely for you. It's incredibly sweet and adorable, while still being extremely smutty. Also, the art is gorgeous! More than worth the rental price ? I'll come back to this work (and all of her works, really) again and again.
kittywitty Rating
This is an amazing manga; the art, the characters, the story! Everything is awesome and wonderful! If you have the money to spare, buy this. Seriously.
KingOfK3arts Rating
Ok I was 99% sure this was going to be a winner simply because of the author and I was proven right. The main couple is adorable and never do the “fight in the second act because we need some drama” cliche. Everything is consented and the smut scenes are sure to get any reader hot under the collar. Honestly this had an amazing balance of hot consented s*x and wholesome fluff so I would recommend this to anyone who reads/enjoys BL.
radishqueen Rating
If "cute male succubus getting all melty" sounds hot to you, you'll probably have a good time with this title! Arata's dick (over)size angst felt a little goofy to me, but the title doesn't overstay its welcome in that part of the premise and the rest of it is a cute and sexy romp of a romcom. (Also, the effect of paging over from the cover to the insert art in the next spread is pretty considerable, and I knew I was in for a good time as soon as I saw that.) Definitely worth picking up!
shurihime Rating
art is gorgeous and story is so cute! I wish there was a sequel for this couple, but it's not necessary. I'm looking forward to reading more from this author.
MariMiau25 Rating
It was cute, it was hot, it was funny, it was wholesome.... what more can someone, anybody, ask from this!?!?!? I could totally BINGE two other volumes cause damn it's just *chef kiss* perfect!!! I truly wish there was more!!!! **SPOILER** kind of[I want to see the wedding so bad!!!!]
Ashurichan Rating
Loved every second of it!
MaiHexe Rating
I can't stress enough how good the works of Sakana Toujo are. This is not an exception. Whenever you want to read a story with lots of hot consensual sex, this is your manga.There is no big drama and the chapters are filled with fluff and sex.The premises of a cute innocent succubus and a man who suffers due to his monster schlong are quite funny, but this is not a comedy, is a full romance (for mature audiences).
PinkHeart19 Rating
This is the fluffiest, cutest BL I've read in sooo long. I love it sooo much! Definitely worth the buy!
celi Rating
Such a great fluffy read!
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