Our Gamble in Bed

Shu goes to a bar to find a partner for a one night stand. There, to his surprise, he finds his arch-rival from high school, Reiji.
Having a grudge against him, Shu lures Reiji to a hotel to get a kick out of him. Although he wants Reiji to get down on his knees and beg him for a good time, neither of them wants to be controlled by the other!!
Reiji offers a bet and...!? To prey or be preyed on, the naughty battle begins!

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Our Gamble in Bed (6)

Arriving at a hot spring spa on a company trip, Shu is shocked that he and Reiji are bunking together. Meanwhile, Reiji figures they got off on the wrong foot and decides to keep his hands off the guy he's had a crush on since high school.[35pages]
Pages: 35
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Our Gamble in Bed (5)

Irritated that he can never seem to beat Reiji at his game, Shu goes out drinking with his co-workers, where he sees a sight that's like a hard punch in the gut. It's the man that he loved - smiling cheerfully with his wife.[43pages]
Pages: 43
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Our Gamble in Bed (4)

Shu is spending more time with Reiji as his assistant, and it's adding to his sense of insecurity. Figuring that the daughter of a company president would be a better match for his former high school classmate, he decides to break it off.[32pages]
Pages: 32
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Our Gamble in Bed (3)

Reiji is being uncharacteristically nice to Shu after he sees his lost love at a bar. He's accomodating and protective, which is unsettling for Shu, whose wounds are still too raw to take any more chances.[44pages]
Pages: 44
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Our Gamble in Bed (2)

After losing his bet to Reiji, Shu begins working as his secretary. He hasn't been able to play around and is pent-up. Reiji offers to help him vent, and the two decide to make another bet. Who will be the winner this time...?[33pages]
Pages: 33
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Our Gamble in Bed (1)

An unexpected re-encounter and an unexpected bet. Who will win today's bet; the guy who has everything or the aggressive mister four-eyes...!?[31pages]
Pages: 31
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author : Fujimine Shiki publisher : Brite Publishing KakesekuGP

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November 12, 2021 (JST)
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