Our Gamble in Bed

Shu goes to a bar to find a partner for a one night stand. There, to his surprise, he finds his arch-rival from high school, Reiji.
Having a grudge against him, Shu lures Reiji to a hotel to get a kick out of him. Although he wants Reiji to get down on his knees and beg him for a good time, neither of them wants to be controlled by the other!!
Reiji offers a bet and...!? To prey or be preyed on, the naughty battle begins!

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Our Gamble in Bed (5)

Irritated that he can never seem to beat Reiji at his game, Shu goes out drinking with his co-workers, where he sees a sight that's like a hard punch in the gut. It's the man that he loved - smiling cheerfully with his wife.[43pages]
Pages: 43
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Our Gamble in Bed (4)

Shu is spending more time with Reiji as his assistant, and it's adding to his sense of insecurity. Figuring that the daughter of a company president would be a better match for his former high school classmate, he decides to break it off.[32pages]
Pages: 32
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Our Gamble in Bed (3)

Reiji is being uncharacteristically nice to Shu after he sees his lost love at a bar. He's accomodating and protective, which is unsettling for Shu, whose wounds are still too raw to take any more chances.[44pages]
Pages: 44
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Our Gamble in Bed (2)

After losing his bet to Reiji, Shu begins working as his secretary. He hasn't been able to play around and is pent-up. Reiji offers to help him vent, and the two decide to make another bet. Who will be the winner this time...?[33pages]
Pages: 33
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Our Gamble in Bed (1)

An unexpected re-encounter and an unexpected bet. Who will win today's bet; the guy who has everything or the aggressive mister four-eyes...!?[31pages]
Pages: 31
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author : Fujimine Shiki publisher : Brite Publishing KakesekuGP

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