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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Ohmygosh this was so good! Pretty pretty art. The Nian monster visits each tribe once every 12 years and basically mates with the strongest tribal member. This was surprisingly adorable. I loved how the piglet fell in love and did everything he could to be selected for the honor of hosting the Nian. And boy was he in for a surprise as to what that all included hahaha! I love the open ending of this one. Like they both enjoyed their time together and maybe something more could grow between them? Please have a sequel!!! Wanna see what a Nian and Pig bebe look like awwww
IriasYrenee Rating
So cute and wholesome. I hope there will be more chapters soon.Beautiful art style and nice smut scences
Maevalily Rating
So cute! And there's a baby!
Atlasy Rating
I just read the 2nd chapter and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. I need a chapter 3, I hope there is one. The pig is so cute and dedicated, the Nian monster isn't completely honest about his feelings but actions speak louder than words. I need a 3rd chapter. But the ending in this one is adorable too
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