"Don't you think it's time we get divorced?"Liliange was married to the eldest son of a duke, Alekseid, at the tender age of eight for the good of her country. Even though she was only young, she fell hard for her much older husband anyway. However, on her 16th birthday, she overhears him telling a friend, "I bet that even when she's of age, I won't be able to see her as a member of the opposite sex at all." Now, with her love for Alekseid still in her heart, Liliange decides to bring the whole marriage to an end by asking him to divorce her...! A story of how earnest feelings can sometimes be overlooked. Liliange and Alekseid's love-filled marriage story begins now!



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art :

Yakata Noa

story :

Alice Tsukimiya

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Japanese :

Dannasama Sorosoro Rikon Shimasenka

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Darling Husband, Don't You Think It's Time We Get Divorced? Volume 1

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Pages: 161

Darling Husband, Don't You Think It's Time We Get Divorced? Volume 2

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Pages: 159

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