Your Saint Is In Another Country -One State's Loss Is Another State's Gain- [VertiComix]

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Yodora buncyou


Saint Licia is banished from her country when her fiancé, King Darwest of Barsden, dissolves their engagement so he can marry a sorceress instead. In her plight, Licia is helped by Laohart, the king of the neighboring country of Metopolis that's on the brink of ruination. To return his kindness, Licia uses her holy powers to progressively lead the desolate land to peace, and love starts blooming between the holy maiden and the King...

However, one kingdom's blessing might just be another's misfortune, as, with Licia gone, the kingdom of Barsden becomes stranger and stranger...


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author :


story :

Yodora buncyou

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Renta Comics

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Seijonanoni Kuni wo Oidasaretanode Hokaisunzen no Rinkoku He Kimashita Chikara wo Kaihoshitanode Kuni ga Heiwa ni Nattekimashita ga Moto no Kunimade Kago ha Todokimasenyo

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Item List Current ch. 22 completed

New Release: Jun 19, 2024 (JST)

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