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Want to Sell Me Your Body?[VertiComix] ( Current vol 7 ) VertiComix


Now in vertical-scrolling, full-color VertiComix format!

"That makes a grand total of 100 thousand dollars." After Tsukasa's mom is killed in a car accident, her dad becomes addicted to drinking and gambling. One day, he disappears, leaving Tsukasa with a debt of 30 thousand dollars. There's no way a student like Tsukasa could get her hands on that much money! Eventually, debt collector Reiko shows up, inviting herself into Tsukasa's home and telling her to pay up. She offers the young girl a way of getting cash fast: by selling herself to Reiko. "Want to sell me your body?" Tsukasa agrees without really understanding what that entails, and when Reiko moves in with her, their relationship suddenly takes an unexpected turn...


The Earl of Rayne's Ward [ Total vol 2 ] Completed Comic


West London, Nineteenth Century. Rebecca Standish is enraged when she hears about her former friend Drumond Thornville returning from the military. Though as a child she admired and respected the strong and beautiful Drum, she wants revenge for him sequestering her for four years. It has been several years since they last spoke and Rebecca has matured from a tomboy into a gorgeous lady. Not knowing this, Drum returns home and is shocked by her transformation; not just by her appearance but by her cold attitude toward him...



Lady Love Comic


Merlyn is fed up with men who approach her with an ulterior motive: to get to her father's money. So she makes a deal with her father that he won't force her to get married if she can live for a month without revealing her identity. Bravely accepting the deal, she moves out and lands a job as a live-in assistant to a novelist. The only problem is that she and her employer's banker son, Cameron, fight like cats and dogs. Then one incident changes the dynamic of their relationship...?



Keep the Moaning to a Minimum ( Current vol 35 ) Comic

AuthorTsuzuri uroco

"Should I put it in? We can keep it a secret from your boyfriend." Even though she has a boyfriend, her childhood friend toys with her until she's dripping and she can't help but moan in pleasure. This is Yuiko's first time living on her own. She's overheard having sex with her boyfriend by her neighbor. Not only that, but her neighbor happens to be Aoi, her childhood friend that used to bully her all the time. Aoi tells her she needs special training, "so you can have sex with your boyfriend without having to worry about anyone hearing" and that's where everything starts. Slowly, this sensual training begins to heat up!


Say You Love Me and I'll End You ( Current vol 3 ) Comic

PublisherKiR comics

Nozomi is a young and beautiful yakuza member who uses his body in order to gather information and make negotiations. With the help of an aphrodisiac, he acts coy in order to make deals to his advantage. On the way home from "serving" a client, he bumps into a childhood friend, Yuta, whom he'd left behind in his hometown. However, the effects of the aphrodisiac haven't worn off yet. So, he tries to leave while desperately fighting his bodily urges. Meanwhile, Yuta misunderstands the situation and believes that Nozomi is drunk. He takes Nozomi home to take care of him, but ends up also taking care of the lower half of Nozomi's body! This is a bittersweet love story between a beautiful yakuza member and his puppy-like young friend.


Everything Beyond Kissing Is a Breach of Contract! -My Strict Boss Won't Stop Loving Me- [ Total vol 2 ] Completed Comic

AuthorEdogawa Ku

"Don't you know how to take orders?"
When Azusa's boss tells her this, it makes her lose her mind!

Azusa has started a new job at a law firm as an assistant to the super-strict lawyer Yoshitaka Hasebe. Despite his tough demeanor, she respects him plenty... but he's also very scary! One day she ends up finding out about a secret of his, and ends up agreeing to pretend to be his live-in girlfriend. How did it come to this...? At home, she gets to his soft side that she has never seen before, and when he then asks "You're my girlfriend, right?" there's no way she can say no. Why does he insist on teasing and playing, when the whole relationship is supposed to be an act? If he keeps this up, she might just fall for him...


Big-Shot Bachelor Comic


Ariel is struggling to keep the gallery she inherited from the woman who raised her afloat. It won't be long until she's attacked by the land shark who's hoping to redevelop the area. She has to do everything in her power to keep that from happening, even if it means painting a portrait of a nude male for a large sum of money despite not wanting to do it. When it comes time to meet her model, she's faced by Cooper, a calm man who's not what she expected. She's charmed by his Grecian features, having no clue that he's the man hoping to buy her gallery...



My Raw Love Life with a Male Demon ( Current vol 2 ) Comic


The Onigami shrine, where demons are courteously worshipped, is found in a small village in the countryside of Japan. As always, a young demon gazes warmly at Higure, the son and heir to the shrine. "Ahhh!! He's so hot... I can't handle it... he's priceless..."
This young demon named Kouen has fallen for Higure, who once saved him and was so kind to him when he lost his way and wandered into the human world. On the day that Higure turned 18, thunder and lightning struck and Kouen descended in front of Higure. While he intended to act cool and tell Higure how he intended to take him as his wife, his plans end up turned upside down.
"You don't know...? This is how humans confirm their love for each other."

A true love story between a black-hearted high school boy and a foolish demon with beastly eyes... The story of two love birds, so hot you wouldn't want to interfere with, has just begun!!


Marriage in Prison -Bear My Child- ( Current vol 22 ) Comic


Get pregnant with my brat! "ahhh! Mmph... D-Don't... Don't put your tongue in there... Aaaaaaah!!" Made homeless and without kith or kin, Kaoru is helpless as a man in a suit toys with his body. His first kiss, his sensitive nipples and anus... His first time was taken away from him...! Not only that, but the same man lures him to a deserted island and imprisons him. What awaits him there is an endless stream of sexual encounters in an experiment with the aim of impregnating him! It's a never-ending circle of casual sex in captivity. A series of complicated infatuations blossom while engaging in hot steamy rendezvous with different men. What will Kaoru's fate be...?


Gender-Swap at the Delinquent Academy -He's Trying to Get My First Time!- [VertiComix] ( Current vol 9 ) VertiComix

AuthorYori Takao

Now in vertical-scrolling,full-color VertiComix format!
Torao is a delinquent who's always eager to let his fists do the talking. His greatest enemy is Ryohei, both the strongest guy in school and a terrible womanizer. When Torao tries to get revenge for the time Ryohei humiliated him in a fight, his plans are thwarted by a mysterious potion that turns him into a girl. From that point on, Torao (now Torako) develops a steamy and complicated relationship with the boy he hates! But, is hate really the only thing on Torao's mind!?


First Love Reset ( Current vol 13 ) Comic


Ako and Hiro were always together. Ako was so sure that Hiro reciprocated her feelings, but after he rejected her, it left a deep scar in her heart. Ten years have passed since then. Ako decides she needs to spread her wings and forget all about what happened. Right when she's having trouble convincing her dad to let her move out on her own, someone comes to the door. It turns out to be Hiro, her first love, and they haven't seen each other since the rejection. But, since Ako's parents trust him a lot, they let her move into his apartment building. Ako is thrilled to be on her own, but when she forgets to call the gas company, she's forced to ask Hiro for help and close the distance between them. Ako wants to reset the bittersweet memories of her first love and try her relationship with Hiro again.


How Cinderfella Got His Fav ( Current vol 4 ) Comic


Mamori Ichifuku loves daydreaming about his two male classmates (Taku and Kazuhito) falling in love with each other. In fact, he's such a hardcore fan that he doesn't even want to talk to either of them. He just wants to watch them from afar. But, one day, Mamori gets chosen to play Cinderella in the school play... except he totally sucks at acting. Taku ends up helping him practice, but Mamori realizes this means less time for those two to hang out!!! And, Taku starts trying to get closer to Mamori... why can't he just follow the plot script Mamori had figured out in his head...!? All Mamori wanted to be was a fan...


Make It Big [ Total vol 6 ] Completed Comic


Ishin, an aloof vocalist with natural talent, and Kaoru, a struggling singer with a background in traditional folk music, are a duo about to make their debut. They've been clashing like oil and water since the president of their talent agency made the brilliant move to team them up despite their differences. However, recording their debut record certainly hasn't been going smoothly. Still, Ishin and Kaoru are putting everything they've got into this debut so they can make it big. Soon, something clicks between them during the recording and they experience a sense of unity as a duo. That night, the excitement lingers on and something happens?they end up on the floor of their apartment and their lips meet. They fall in love the way some guys exchange punches.
This story is about an emotion-filled affair between two guys who go from clashing to understanding and eventually become inseparable.


The Tycoon's Proposition Comic Hot


When Terri hears that her ex-husband was in an accident, she rushes to South America to be by his side. But as she tries to give him a massage to help him recover, she realizes that this man is a completely different person! He's actually her ex-husband's employer and the vice president of a large corporation. While Terri tries to hide her surprise and shame at her mistake, he asks her to come home with him...as his personal nurse.



Pierre Takigawa Enjoys Making Me Melt -He Can See Right Through Me- [ Total vol 6 ] Completed Comic


Depressed about being scolded at work, despite doing other people's jobs on top of her own, Akari makes her way home and happens to cross a bridge. She stumbles, and suddenly the famous half-French pretty-boy patissier Pierre Takigawa is there to catch her. Akari has liked him for a while, and she's shocked at his sudden appearance. It seems Pierre thought Akari was about to jump, but once he realizes that isn't the case, he begins to point out why she's depressed with such accuracy that he might as well be reading her mind... Wait, how does he know all that!? Although Pierre can be teasing at times, the sweet-as-chocolate, intoxicating patissier sees straight through Akari and drives her wild...


Loving You Every Second Comic Hot

The fourth book in this smash-hit series about Atsushi and Yoritomo!
Cute college student Atsushi (a.k.a. Atsu) is distracting his lover Yoritomo, a popular erotica writer. Yoritomo has to decide what to write next in his best-selling series, but all he can think about is Atsu's IOU promising Yoritomo to "do anything you want"...!
Even while meeting with his editor, Yoritomo can only fantasize about Atsu dressed as a nurse or a pop star. Work can't get done like this! At the same time, his younger brother Katsuyori is agonizing over love for the first time in his life!


A Summer Night's Love Song Comic


Jane has been dreaming of a normal, stable life, one far and away from her swindler of a father. So when she meets the rich and smart entrepreneur, Bart, she is drawn to him instantly. But she has no idea about the secret he is keeping...



The Prince's Pleasure Comic


Photographer Alexa is working temporarily as a waitress at a hotel banquet when she meets Luka, the grand duke of the kingdom of Dacia. On her way home, she is saved from some muggers by Luka. He takes her to her apartment, but somehow their run-in ends up in the tabloids. On top of that, Alexa is accused of orchestrating the whole thing as a publicity stunt! Now she has to prove her innocence...



Nine Months' Notice Comic


Tori and her boss, Jeff, are great together physically, but friends with benefits isn't enough anymore. She doesn't want to spend the rest of her life without love. So Tori makes the life-changing decision to break off her relationship with Jeff and start over in a new town. Then she learns she's pregnant! When Jeff finds out, he suggests they get married for the child's sake. Tori is furious. "How is marriage going to solve anything when we don't love each other?"



The King's Bride Comic


Lizzie's great-aunt was once a famous actress, and she had a deep connection with the Kingdom of Voltavia and its former king. Lizzie, a historian, decides that she wants to gather all of her great-aunt's stories about the king into a book. She pushes the present king, Daniel, for an interview but is rebuffed. Later, however, the dejected Lizzie receives a surprise in the mail: an invitation to a ball, from King Daniel himself. Lizzie arrives at the ball in high spirits but in the midst of her encounter with the king, he suddenly steals a kiss!


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