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The Voluptuous Guy!2 -My Old Friend Turned Into a Girl!?- Comic

AuthorKaya Aota

Tomoya's on spring vacation, getting ready to start college, when his old friend Ayumu shows up at his door one morning and tells him he's turned into a girl!? Tomoya couldn't believe it at first, but when he realized just how cute she is now, he got very aroused. When Tomoya touched Ayumu, her voice sounded adorable! How could Tomoya not fall completely for her!?
Despite her transformation, Ayumu doesn't know how attractive she is. She doesn't even notice the hungry looks from all the guys she passes by... Can she survive being a college girl on campus?

This is the second installment of the very popular series, "The Voluptuous Guy!"


Not Cut Out For Love -But It's Our Duty to Marry.- ( Current vol 2 ) Comic

PublisherLove Chocolat

Eimi Satou works at city hall on a small island. There's nothing to do there, and the only way to have fun is to fall in love, meaning everybody gets married in their 20s. However, after a bad experience with her ex, Eimi is 28 and still single, which makes life rather uncomfortable. One day, a man from Tokyo called Manabu arrives on the island and ends up staying at Eimi's house. He asks whether she'll consider marrying him if Manabu can satisfy her in bed. Eimi has never had much interest in physical pleasure, but for some reason, Manabu sets her blood aflame... This is a slow-burn love story between a workaholic and a reticent young woman, neither of whom have had much luck with romance. If everyone else can do it, why can't they...?


Mahoko! Quit Being So Bossy! [VertiComix] ( Current vol 9 ) VertiComix

Now in vertical-scrolling,full-color VertiComix format!
Mahoko's been with her buddy, Chise, since the day that she was born. He's cool, good-looking, and a hit with the girls. But, Chise has a secret that only Mahoko knows? He likes boys. He was always leading her around by the nose until one day, he grabs her and kisses her!!


Lamb Teacher and the Big Bad Wolf ( Current vol 4 ) Comic

Yuuya Kaga is a high school delinquent. Atsuki Sakamoto is his homeroom teacher. After a fated lunch shared on the rooftop of the school, Yuuya desperately tries to win his teacher's affection. But he always gets turned down. Mr. Sakamoto says it's because they're both men, and because he doesn't want to violate the student-teacher relationship. Behind the scenes, however, lurks the ominous spectre of a past that he is trying to live down. This is a heartfelt romance between a high school punk and his reluctant teacher. "Just be mine already!"


Her Motherhood Wish Comic


ER doctor Olivia is pregnant with her late husband's baby thanks to in vitro fertilization. However, the friendly smile and captivating eyes of David, the new surgeon from New York, have her heart soaring. She has no intention of entertaining the busy hospital's newest playboy, though. She's planning a quiet, peaceful life with just her and the baby...until she learns that there has been a mistake at the fertility clinic!



My Cute Bedfellow ( Current vol 9 ) Comic


Kazuma Yahiro is a responsible and straight-laced businessman who just happens to be in love with Haru Mikami, her angelic smile, and her ever-friendly demeanor with everyone... Kazuma's certain Haru would never even think of him that way, until she takes him home after a night out drinking with their colleagues! After she runs him a bath and lies in bed next to him, Kazuma can't help but wonder if she's trying to send him a message. After lying there in anguish for some time, he decides to make a move!!


Once a Moretti Wife Comic


Anna, who works as a secretary, wakes up one morning to find out she's married to her boss, Stefano. After being in an accident, she lost one year's worth of her memories and her life no longer makes sense to her. I was the one who suggested we get married? Why would I marry such a playboy? While she is confused and distressed, her husband is ecstatic. He sees it as the perfect chance to get revenge on her for what she did to him. But as he spends more and more time with his wife, his will for revenge is slowly eroded, revealing a deep sorrow that he's carried with him the entire time...



Midnight Mirror Ball ( Current vol 4 ) Comic

AuthorIma Kimura

"Hey, Chiaki... Are you interested in those kinds of parties?"
It didn't matter if it wasn't normal. He was just looking for a world that would get his blood pumping, but now that he's actually ended up there...

Chiaki is an editor at a fashion magazine. His boring existence suddenly changes when he gets an invite to a party from Rei, a model who enjoys a very different kind of life. Once there, he finds himself in the midst of a whole new world of pleasure-seeking! Among the men, he meets the kind-hearted Taiga... his life will only get crazier from here!


Welcome to the Hot Spring of Love! Comic

Deep in the mountains is an inn called "Tsubakiya," popular for its hot springs. And at this inn, love is in the air... This is a compilation of sweet love stories set in the warmth and wonder of the countryside.


Countering His Claim Comic


The owner of the luxury cruise ship that Della works on as a doctor has passed away. The owner's nephew, Luke, who has inherited ownership of half the ship, is a well-known hotel magnate, and he has no plans to continue running the cruise. But for Della, the ship has been her only sanctuary since she became scarred in an accident two years earlier. Della is depressed to hear the news, but then she learns that she has inherited the other half of the ship! Luke assumes that Della and his uncle must have had an intimate relationship, and his presumption makes her blood boil. She can't believe she must share ownership with a man like him!



Bittersweet Deception Comic


Kate Thornley is stuck with a financial dilemma, so she must accept a job offer as a live-in chef in an imposing mansion. Her job is to coordinate a tea lounge for the public, which seems promising until Kate finds out that the owner of the mansion is Jason Warwick, a notorious playboy known on TV for his snide remarks about women. The same man who once witnessed Kate being harassed by a drunkard and humiliated her. He is a man she could never like...



The Wicked Women -Thriving in the Depths of Debauchery- ( Current vol 4 ) Comic

PublisherBlack Chocolat

These are the stories of devious women, who flourished in the past extravagance of royalty, nobility, and the ruling classes. Throughout history and across the world, women have used their beauty, cunning, and feminine wiles as weapons to establish themselves, only to wilt away to nothing... These women schemed and seduced, and their merciless actions are still shocking to this day. However, were they truly as wicked as they are made out to be? Kimiko Morooka takes a look at the women behind the histories in a new interpretation of events. Surrounded by jealousy and vicious plots, how do you keep yourself from going under?


The Fallen Deity's Mate Comic

Yukari is a big guy with a motherly disposition who works in a restaurant at the university. He takes notice of Sasara, who is mysterious yet prickly. As Yukari walks home, his mind on Sasara, he is suddenly kidnapped by a large wolf, who carries him to a small shrine where a "fallen deity" is enshrined. As he is taken into the shrine, Yukari finds out that the wolf is actually Sasara. Sasara pushes him down, saying they're about to mate, and begins to pull off his clothes. Yukari finds himself overcome by desire and feels an overwhelming urge to claim Sasara...

Also! Includes special sketches for customers who bought the comic from Renta!


Our School Nurse is a Major Perv (I Hate Him but He Wants Me!?) Comic


I knew you wanted to be violated by me. He licks Yasuki all over, claiming that he's disinfecting him... what kind of treatment is this!?

Yasuki loves sports and constantly ends up in the nurse's office for his injuries, but he wants little to do with the hot and popular school nurse, Mr. Ikeda. Not wanting to get involved, Yasuki shows Mr. Ikeda no interest, but ends up getting kissed for some bizarre reason!? Wait, what does Mr. Ikeda mean he'll "treat" his lower body!? He's going too far...! Not only is the school nurse hot, but a major perv! Boy, is Yasuki in for it!!


Room Attendant to a Naughty Novelist! [ Total vol 6 ] Completed Comic


Iori Tachibana has never had any problems with women. He made his debut as a romance novelist with stories based on his own experiences, which both made him quite famous and started his extravagant spending habits. Now, for reasons he doesn't wish to disclose, Iori has writer's block, so he travels to a secluded inn in the mountains looking for a cure... The inn is run by his old friend Madoka, and she assigns cute, young Souma as his room attendant. But, Souma's a guy! Iori had been hoping for a girl... In particular, he'd been hoping for the beautiful female dancer he briefly saw outside. He thinks she might just be able to cure him... With that, he starts searching for her, but has no luck actually finding her. As a last resort, Iori asks Souma about the dancer, but while Souma knows her, he won't tell Iori anything... Could she have something to do with Souma's secret...!?


Come and Eat Me, Breakfast Boy! ( Current vol 7 ) Comic


My friend decided to run off and leave me with her debt. I'd been working three jobs and living at an internet cafe... I was so exhausted, I almost collapsed... but this super hot chef saved me just before I did! With an exasperated look on his face, he cooked me some food, all the while insisting that I was being scammed by my friend. One thing led to another, and I ended up being invited for a night at a five-star hotel with him!! Is this the night I lose my virginity...? This is a 62-page long story created by a brand new author and brought to you at a special price. You'll see the climactic scene in full color and get a few more pages of it to read free!


His Mistress for a Million Comic


Not only did Cleo's lover take all of her money, he also left her alone in London. In order to save up the money she needs to fly home to Australia, she starts a job as a live-in housekeeper at a hotel. One day, Greek billionaire Andreas Xenides seizes control of the hotel, which means Cleo is out of a job, so she asks Andreas for his assistance finding another one. A smile spreads across his charming face as he proposes a deal that would solve her money problems. All she has to do is pose as his girlfriend and she'll be paid a million dollars!



Love & Business -We're with You 24 Hours a Day- ( Current vol 7 ) Comic


Mikoto's life gets suddenly turned upside down when her mom gets remarried to a high-profile celebrity and hires two handsome "bodyguards" to protect her. Mikoto doesn't care how hot they are-she just doesn't want them accompanying her everywhere. She wants her freedom back! Despite her dissatisfaction, one of her bodyguards, Tsubame, comes and whispers a suggestion in her ear: If she needs a reason to have him by her side, why don't they become lovers? If he keeps casually touching Mikoto like this, though, she won't know what to do!


The Beastly Young Boss Next Door [ Total vol 12 ] Completed Comic

After Kanoko meets Sosuke at a bar, they share a tender night together... only to meet again at work the next day! Sosuke turns out to be the boss of a rival company that shares a floor with Kanoko's in the same office building. To make things worse, he tells Kanoko that he's liked her for a while... She turns him down, saying she can't date someone from a rival company, but when his fingers and tongue start to wander, she doesn't have the strength to refuse! It feels so good, she's about to lose her mind...!


A Most Shocking Revelation Comic


Valarie, a new waitress in town, has caught the eye of Gavin, the handsome local sheriff. She moved to town half a year ago, secretly in search of the key that links her to her ancestors. If she were to be caught by the sheriff, her quest would be over. But due to circumstances beyond her control, she ends up living in Gavin's house, where she is swept away by his passion and sense of justice. If he knew the things she has done, she's sure he'd regret falling in love with her... But how can either of them deny their love?


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