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Yakuza in Rut Young Man for Dinner - And the One on the Chopping Board Is... Me!? - (Current ch. 19) Comic


"Come on, just cum." ... I'm definitely on that side of the fence now. By which I mean a yakuza group has taken me in... One day, I was suddenly caught up in a some horrible business! Stripped naked and stuffed inside the trunk of a car, I was about to be abducted when a rough looking gangster saved me!! Since I was hungry, the successor to this yakuza group made me a super delicious rice omelette... And before I knew it, he was looking at me as if I were the food! Licking my nipples, and tasting me down there. Hey, wait a second!! A gangster who loves cooking and a boy who looks ready to be served. And the one on the chopping board is... me!?


Drunk Rendezvous [Total ch. 5] Completed Comic


Masumi Kubota is a university student with delusions of grandeur. On his twentieth birthday, he tries drinking for the first time, because he thinks that drinking strong alcohol is degenerate and cool. But he's gone after half a can and blacks out! His neighbor, Mio, who goes to the same university as him, takes him in. Mio doesn't get drunk from alcohol, but he does get drunk from certain physical activities. Masumi is so jealous of his ability to stay sober that he ends up sleeping with him...!? Mio, the mysterious, alcohol-immune prodigy in bed, decides to help Masumi, the delusional lightweight who turns really cute when he's drunk. Will their drinking practice that leads to consensual drunken encounters develop into love!?


My Thirsty Coworker Has His Way with Me Every Night (Current ch. 25) Comic


Ryo spends his days pining after his handsome and kind-hearted colleague at work, Ninomiya. Ryo never admits his feelings, hiding them deep inside his heart. One night when his desire grows uncontrollable, he starts to touch himself, only to be interrupted by a... ghost!? And it seems that the poltergeist actually wants to help him finish the job! Ryo asks Ninomiya, who claims to be a psychic, to help him. For better or worse, the whole ordeal is about to change their relationship forever.


Mementos Of A Mischievous Cat [Total ch. 5] (Current ch. 3) Comic


With his renowned-novelist dad away from home and his mom busy with her own job, Wataru's parents hires a young male housekeeper named Osaka to help around the house. From the moment they meet, Wataru considers Osaka's relentless efforts to be part of his life a nuisance. That is, until he receives a letter that helps him start opening up. The anonymous letters Osaka continues to bring him are sweet and caring-but Wataru believes they're from Osaka himself. Wataru decides to confront Osaka directly.


Rock Your World! (Current ch. 7) Comic Popular

Hinata's been in love with Hakuba since he was little and they used to perform together... now that they're both grown up though, Hinata is part of the "bad boy" boy band who?for marketing purposes?hates the pop duo Hakuba is in. Hinata's tried to hide his true feelings for Hakuba, but his group leader Takaomi sees right through him. Trying to help Hinata get it together on stage, Takaomi kisses him in front of all their fans during the live battle of the bands!
Read on to see the adorable Hinata try to resist a true bad boy!


Don't Beg Me, Don't Kiss Me (Current ch. 5) Comic


Part-time cafe worker Kasumi is handsome and sociable, but has a hangup around being begged. Unable to finish with his partners, he couldn't help but wonder if he was the problem. It's around this time that Kasumi starts to take a liking for one of his regulars, Seiichiro.
It's just, ever since "Seiichi" showed up to the cafe with his friend, he's been acting weird...
Unable to control himself, Kasumi ends up giving Seiichi a kiss, and is thrown off by his reaction!
A love story about two men, each with their own traumatic past.


Goodbye My Accomplice [Total ch. 12] (Current ch. 11) Comic

AuthorIto Agata

On a winter day, he fell in love with a man who he knows nothing about, including his true name, age, or job... Hajime is the son of the CEO of a major automobile manufacturer. He's the ideal star student, but he's hard to approach and is a loner in his class. As he passes his days with unending boredom, he meets a mysterious man wearing a suit. The man calls himself "Hirose" and jokingly tells Hajime that he's on the run. Hajime takes an interest in Hirose and visits him from time to time to see how he's doing...
This is an "unusual" love found by a lonely high school student. Witness a sentimental love story about two guys who are far apart in age centering on youthful adolescence and their struggles.


Love Potion for a Vampire Boy [Total ch. 5] Completed Comic


Akihiro Hasumi has a fair complexion and a secret: an ancestor of his was a vampire. One day, he's drinking at home with Kazutaka, a guy he's been friends with since they were kids, gets drunk and gives away his secret. As a die-hard occult enthusiast, Kazutaka is dying to see if Akihiro can turn into a scary vampire and begs him to drink his blood. Akihiro grudgingly obliges... and a little bite is all it takes to make him start to feel funny... dreamy-eyed... and excited...


Loopy Peeps! [Plus Digital-Only Bonus] Comic


Fuyuha's carefree with his love life, and his best friend Chiharu loves fooling around. They absolutely love the party scene and spend their days and nights having nonstop fun. Their club at college has a rival, run by Nanatsu, a tan hottie famous for banging over 1,000 people. Fuyuha tries to keep his distance from Nanatsu to avoid any unwanted hassle. One night, though, he stumbles into a room in a club where everyone's going to town on each other in the dark. He thinks he's sucking off Chiharu, and the two end up going all the way. He's shocked when the lights come on and it's that playboy Nanatsu rocking his world!! What was supposed to be a one-time thing turns into more as the arrogant king locks his sights on Fuyuha! As long as Fuyuha's having the time of his life, anything goes! The wild young lives of party guys are on full display!
Includes four digital-only pages.


Part-time Lovers (Current ch. 13) Comic Popular

"For $100 an hour, I want you to pretend to be my boyfriend."

Takara Toudou is a poor university student who is looking for a job that pays well. His friend ends up introducing him to the super hot business student Keito Kashima, who has quite the offer: pretend to be his boyfriend for a hundred dollars an hour. On top of that, he gets to stay with Keito in his luxurious penthouse! There's no way Takara would ever turn down such a deal, so he accepts Keito's offer. As Takara and Keito start their new part-time lover arrangement, their everyday lives begin to change, and before too long, they start to see each other in a different light. Is it all just because they're pretending? Or...?

This a fake love story between the calm and collected Keito and the lively and slightly airheaded Takara, that eventually turns real!!


Home, Sweet Home (Current ch. 4) Comic

PublisherIntelfin Inc.

Yuki Wakura has graduated from high school and is now a college freshman.
As he sets out to live on his own, he unexpectedly bumps into a former classmate on his moving day.
He's stunned to discover that he's moving into an apartment that another young man has also rented. It's Shoma Yuki, a high school friend he had a secret crush on...! Just when Yuki has finally gotten over his old crush and decided to look for someone new...
They both have the name "Yuki", and that has confused the elderly landlords...

This is the story of a chance encounter that turns into home, sweet home for two lovebirds!


The Liar's Long Night -Love Drunk: Continued- [Total ch. 7] (Current ch. 3) Comic


Chi is an older, unsociable guy who works as a cook at a bar, while Hina is a handsome yet clueless college student who has yet to know true love. Despite his mean looks, Chi is an adorable drunk, and the pair's relationship begins with his drunken kiss.

However, he's still traumatized by a past relationship and has trouble accepting Hina's straightforward affection. Still, Chi can't seem to fall out of love with him, and after the two confess their feelings for each other, they make love for the first time in the staff room.

Meanwhile, Chi's ex returns from overseas to become general manager at the bar he works at. With his sudden appearance, Hina learns about Chi's past lies and mistakes...


The Toughest Guy in School is an Omega!? [Total ch. 6] Completed Comic

Under the country's law, omegas are obligated to wear a chastity belt. A rumor is going around that there's a key that will unlock the belt, and people are fighting to find this key.
Sashima is the toughest delinquent around.
An elite group of alphas, the Snakes, hear about Sashima and come to fight him.
The leader of the Snakes, Aoda, is expecting a big, towering man, and while the Sashima standing in front of him has glaring, piercing eyes, he's also short... and an omega!
After telling Sashima that he chooses him as his partner, Aoda suddenly grabs Sashima and starts kissing him.
This Aoda is out of control! Sashima's right-hand man, Taketora, has also been pulled into this whole mess. Who's going to be the one to soften the toughest omega?


Can This Love Go Viral? [Total ch. 5] Completed Comic


Natsuo wants more views on the videos he and his friend post to I-tube! He's a happy-go-lucky, super-positive kind of guy who is in charge of coming up with content for the videos that get put up. The editor Ichiya, on the other hand, has a cool attitude and a sharp tongue. Both Natsuo and Ichiya are in university and have barely enough funds to get by. So, in an effort to save money while trying to gain more popularity on I-tube, they decide to become roommates. After moving in together, they post a video showing their apartment to the internet, and the comments immediately take a surprising turn, with people calling them cute and implying they are in a relationship. As the video takes off, Natsuo realizes this is a great opportunity and convinces Ichiya to start going with it and pretending to be a couple. But, it only takes so long before the pretense starts to actually, kinda, become reality...!?


Riht [Total ch. 6] (Current ch. 5) Comic

PublisherIntelfin Inc.

Childhood friends Yuu and Asa thought they'd always be together. However, one day, their once-natural dynamic falls apart. Yuu doesn't believe they can continue the way they are now that he's realized his feelings for Asa go beyond friendship. As things continue to evolve and put him on the brink of a decision, Yuu begins to think his love for Asa is inconveniencing the people around him. So, to forget his love for Asa, he decides to preserve his role as childhood friend... But acting against love proves harder than he thinks.


Carnal Desire Overflow -More Than Best Friends, Not Quite Boyfriends- [Total ch. 6] (Current ch. 5) Comic


Yoji Tsuchiya's an omega aggravated by his love for Jin Arumi, a beta.
He hopes that one day, he and Jin will be more than best friends... but for the time being, he'll do anything to protect the status quo.
Yoji spends most of his time getting through the gauntlet that is Jin's innocent teasing. One day, though, Yoji goes into heat right in front of Jin...!

He doesn't want Jin to hate him... but... maybe he can use this to his advantage...

An omega's true nature wavering somewhere between friendship and desire.
What's waiting for the two once they cross that line...!?


A Kiss Is All It Takes (Current ch. 15) Comic Popular


The hugely popular love story about bi-curious college boys has been adapted into a manga! Dumped by his girlfriend, a newly single Ryo goes to drink away his sorrows. At the bar, he decides to ask his handsome best friend, Kyosuke, to teach him how to kiss. It was just a little kiss, but he can't believe how good it feels... They thought they were just friends, but soon realize their compatibility and sink into the pleasures of love. Lost in their vices, and the troubles of their relationship, they fall deeper and deeper into an intimate relationship. It starts out physically, but the two college students end up in an electrifying sensual romance!


That Time a Gangster Was Reincarnated into a Historical Era -Nobunaga Wants to Make Me His Page!?- (Current ch. 6) Comic

AuthorSato Toumi
PublisherKaikan Club

Young mafia boss Hajime thought he was shot and killed by his enemies... Until he snapped into the world of the Warring States period! When the one and only great Nobunaga Oda takes a liking to him, Nobunaga renames him Ranmaru Mori for some reason, but that isn't Hajime's biggest shock. Nobunaga fondles him all over, kisses his neck, and forces himself into Hajime's untouched parts. Frustrated as he is with his domination, Hajime can't stop moaning. Turned into a Nobunaga's subordinate, what will become of Hajime?


The Beast's Bride (Current ch. 4) Comic

Hinata's a fox who's become the bride of Kyouya, a member of the wolf pack. Their tribes are bitter enemies, but this marriage should bring about peace.
Hinata's disguised as a female at the wedding and has ulterior motives for his soon-to-be husband: he plans to kill Kyouya, who's the son of the wolf pack's leader...
The night of their wedding, he tries to carry out the assassination, but Kyouya catches on and he fails.
Because he has nine tails, Hinata's even an outcast in his own pack and he decides to wants to die. But, instead of killing him, Kyouya says, "It's time for our honeymoon" and takes him prisoner...
This is a dramatic inhuman story between an arrogant, self-centered wolf and a downtrodden yet very pretty and submissive fox.


Rhythmic Muscle Encounter [Plus Bonus Page and Digital-Only Bonus] Comic


Takumi Nodono is big and bulky, but contrary to his looks, he loves cute things. One day, an adorable guy, Itsuki Tenra, chats him up and seems really interested in his body. Itsuki mentions that he's been in various incidents on the train and wants to work out in order to get stronger. His slim body and plump behind light a fire in Takumi's imagination. A story full of laughter and lovemaking!

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