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My Student Turned Out To Be My Favorite Pop Star! (Current ch. 3) Comic


Kazunari Yanagi, 28, is a teacher who loves the underground boy band, Star Compass.
No matter how underpaid he may be and no matter how much overtime he has to put in, he feels energized, just by seeing the boys smile!!
Kazunari's life is great because Rikkun, his favorite, is aware of him as a regular fan of the group. One day, Kazunari is transferred to a different school. He works hard to adjust while wondering what the deal is with a student named Riku Agarizaki, who has never once been in class.
Then it's soon time for midterm exams. Told that Riku has come to class, Kazunari is glad that he will finally meet the mysterious student... and can hardly believe his eyes.

A story about forbidden love... between a pop star-slash-student and his number one fan-slash-teacher!!!

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