User Reviews For: Blast from the Past... Who's Best in Bed?


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mariais28 Rating
I really enjoy reading this story from beginning to end it was very good if anybody else wants to read it I will tell him do it it's worth every penny so so good that why I give it a 5 an my book I wish there were more to read
MissStelle Rating
Nice 3p manga, getting fight over by 2 handsome childhood friends. I'm not a fan of the second half tho.
xxii Rating
Hot sex scenes. Hope to see more from this author!
spadina Rating
This is a strange one. I was expecting a love manga triangle but then it becomes more similar to a H for men. If you like this commistion, try it!
ShiinaMH Rating
Lel. Pure smut, no plot. This is good in its own way.^^
peichi Rating
Definitely not for everyone, but right up my alley. If you prefer more love/story with your smut or if you aren't very open about sex than this isn't for you. It's pure smut, but it's good smut and the premise is interesting. Really recommend if you like 3p or looking for something really spicy with a unique premise.
Titania Rating
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