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If you like sadist guy then this manga is perfect for you; I like how both the guy and the girl are both bold when it comes to their relationship. You can also see more stories with different characters, which also make very interesting love office stories.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
This is a nice collection of three stories featuring three different career women in their late twenties early thirties and each woman has a vastly distinctive personality. Woman A was a tough as nails lady who met her match in the most eligible bachelor of the company. Woman B moved to her own drum beat and found love with a man who was anything but his appearance. And lastly Woman C was a pretender of a high caliber who was in love with a too nice for his own good guy. Really sweet, kinda funny good read!
misshime104 Rating
Loved it!! Love all the stories. It's so cute. Totally recommend!!!
mariais28 Rating
I have decided to give this story four stars the plot was okay butt to me it didn't have that wow factor that I need it butt if you're looking Just for Love a Story then this is your time story most of the story was about people not understanding each other about how they feel but the ending was right nice
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