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shiseiten Rating
It's pretty much decided. I will buy anything by this artist! This one is great bc it is so long, it has time to really develop personalities. The sex is pretty much present in every chapter too which is a nice bonus (and their art is always so beautiful in any situation, sexual or not). I'm halfway through, but I'm interested to see how this story will continue. If you're unsure pick up one of their 1-ticket stories for a good sampling! All have not disappointed me.
danyels Rating
Goodness this was so hot!!!! Full of steamy scenes but with a solid plot to back it up! The tone might seem serious at first but then it has lots of cute moments, even with the art. This got me giggling and fanning at the same time lmao it has a great balance of sweet and spicy. The substitute lover thingy is a pretty common base but this one's just so well-written and the characterization is solid. You'll really feel for the MCs. Yumina's actions are understandable because of what she just went through and I love that she gradually developed self-worth and found a romance she deserves; Senri is mature and caring yet so adorable you just wanna pet him. Both characters have depth. I truly enjoyed this.. and again, this was so hot!!!!!!! The smut parts were so beautifully illustrated and detailed, with ringing captions. (I wish this was longer tbh like I just wanna know more about their future!). Ugh overall a well-constructed love manga, definitely a top favorite here!
HikaruTanaka Rating
I've been following Wasou-Sensei's work for awhile and this one does not disappoint. I enjoyed the character development of both the female and male leads. The spicy scenes are enjoyable and I just love her art!
theakaneko Rating
OMG so cute and sweet! I love how the series being this long let the relationship development. And they are both so awkward and cute <3 <3 I had to binge the whole thing.
giraffecookies Rating
cute stories! I ”literally”loved it!
Tachibana Rating
Loved it! Left me wanting more!!!
Guitarista926 Rating
Really nice story, I love it
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Best female lead I've read in this type of story in a long time. She's not stupid! Well, she doesn't have a lot of romance experience, so she can do some stupid stuff, but that's what I can relate to. Also, she has character growth, so refreshing. Love both of the leads, their relationship is so sweet and dreamy. I love how our female MC is strong too, she doesn't get fooled twice and she stands up for herself. Love it!!! And the love scenes are like a total bonus.