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some1ders13 Rating
Such a sweet story! It's a pretty straight forward story, but all of the characters are enjoyable and relatable. I can't wait to see how it ends! Both the lead guys are cute, I'm rooting for the teacher.
Slee Rating
Cute and romantic.
ishipshit Rating
I love the story! Eager to find out what happens next!
TrinaCasey Rating
This is more of a love story than spicy, but worth the read! Looking forward to more chapters!
Lovesalot Rating
I loved it, the tension in this book was great. Definitely would read this again and again
Gypsiewitch Rating
The writing is excellent, and the art is amazing!! I love everything about this, and can't wait for more. This not a very helpful review, but if plot is your thing, I absolutely recommend this story. I do hope it heats up though, lol.
bbgirlspit Rating
My favourite read in a long time! I keep going back and forth to read it again. I hope the next volume comes out soon- I seriously can't wait!
Superauni Rating
It's so cuuuute!!! she MUST end up with the teacher, please
paintmeblue Rating
Fair warning, this is a veeeery slow build romance. So you better settle in if you're planning to read it. That said, omg it's the sweetest student teacher romance manga I've read in such a long time. The MC is very chaste, so it takes I don't even know how many chapters before we even get hints of
Sjtiernan Rating
It is so good so far also ... Begone thot
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