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mzblue99 Rating
This was an amazing and moving story. If you are looking for smut, go elsewhere. This one is full of sorrow and angst with a Sci-fi background. The romance is here but not in a typical fashion. It builds with a small simmer and finishes with a wonderful warm end. Yes there are some very sad moments, you may even shed a tear. But stick with it. The characters of Torao and Hikaru B the Android with the heart of gold will stay with you. I loved this story.
funbrillo Rating
This is such a beautiful story. I cried in about two to three spots. There is no smut. It is a really beautiful love story spanning 500 years. Hikaru B is just adorable. They get a nice happy ending.
Shiichan Rating
This manga even makes me wanna cry several times...this world definitely needs more this kind of YAOI!
MidnightErza Rating
OH MY GAD... THIS IS JUST SO SWEET AND SAD... its pure... I tell u... PURE
keijipeiji Rating
A reread. The setting is very VERY interesting (we love some Sci-Fi BL) and author's thoughts about the whole Android thing and how the MC got to live in the future are very creative.Author did a great job in tugging at my heartstrings. I cried at some parts. Angsty, but the writing is very delicate, the emotions are drawn out with so much care... I was very satisfied with the whole manga.Hope Renta can license another work from this author too, which is called End Game.
knittedenigma Rating
I cried - I admit it. This manga was surprising and extremely well done. If you want a story that'll move you, this'll do it.
PrinceAngel Rating
I... think this is one of my favorites. I felt it to my core. It is very emotional and I'd like to see more from this author.
Galadrima Rating
This manga is absolutely amazing!! A rollercoaster of feelings, the plot is really something ?? One of my favorites for sure
Daekin Rating
What an amazing read. Moving story, brought me to tears a couple times. Very highly recommended.
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