User Reviews For: Just the Two of Us Under the Sheets


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nikkininja Rating
The art is so good and I love the story! Can't wait to read more :O
EmTheHooligan Rating
Well that was a really slow and boring. Classic shojo for sure. But I can't stand the weak overly dramatic girls and the confident-then-emotional guys. It's not fun for me in the slightest. My mistake for buying it. You'll love it if you enjoy the classic shojo type of manga.
Labj143 Rating
Struggling to communicate is something everyone deals with and this story shows just how tough that can be for some people. This type of mundane drama was what I needed. No exaggerated characters, but something that felt real and relatable. The two struggle over their own trauma and and do the best they can to work through things.
123456 Rating
Exciting storyline
goldmaule Rating
This was so good sweet and perfect.
bluerabu Rating
Bawled like a baby at this one.
derp1wow1 Rating
This story is so cute! I absolutely love it. ^^
Shathisaperera Rating
Oh noooooo! I wanted to keep reading! I wonder when the next chapter will be released...Anyway, I LOVE IT..!
littleponta Rating
It's good! Hope chapter 6 is not the end or else I will be very disappointed
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