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SakuraDgreat Rating
A very simple and nice love story that starts from a simple admiration on work of art. Then, the story follows by the meeting of the two extra ordinary characters. Finally, the characters dealed with their mix feelings & the most difficult challenge is their gender. Nonetheless, I also love how the seme make the uke reflect and make up his mind on his feeling. For me not everybody is strong enough to convey what they thought let alone their feeling. Thus, by making one rethink or push them a bit through "silent" treatment. It's like gamble of with feeling and readers will be surprise with the next action by uke and seme. Finally, as always, once the main characters decided to take one step forward, after exchange feelings, another challenges would follow. I believe those obstacles will strengthen their relationship and will guide us to happy ending.
GregorIAN Rating
I can't believe I haven't reviewed this one yet. It's amazing! I love tops who cross-dress. Being in touch with their feminine side often makes for sweet smut, and Hibiki isn't shy in the least about professing his affection. Communication is generally straightforward though there are some hiccups as comes when someone who thought they were straight realizes they aren't. Adorable and heart-warming, two people falling in love!
jelliesworld Rating
I really enjoyed the chemistry between Ryotaro and Hibiki! It was refreshing to come across such an honest and straightforward character like Ryotaro. The overall atmosphere was also very light-hearted. My only problem with it is that it's too short. Felt like I didn't have enough time to empathize with their initial struggles.
angelb89 Rating
The art is beautifully done and the story is well developed. I loved it.
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