User Reviews For: No One Said My Roommate Would Be a Guy!


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Risuna Rating
Beautiful art style I was completely captivated by each panel of this sweet and sexy love story
Nyanko Rating
While the characters are lovely to look at, the story is a mess. There is very little consistency in key details, like the main character's memories of her cousin from the last chapter directly contradict the whole premise the story opens with. Characters are just introduced but don't provide anything that takes the story anywhere. Plot and story are paper thin, and the characters are even thinner. It's not even particularly hot, so this story doesn't have much to recommend it.
MrsAnnifly Rating
Really nice drawing and an interesting Story but too much echi scenes that don't even make sense. She is running away because he touches her, he looks everywhere to find her and brought her back and as they are back again he touches her again... In summary the echi scenes come too fast without any sense or comprehensibly story and the male charakter is too much in need for my taste.
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