User Reviews For: My Rental Boyfriend's Secret Sadistic Service


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theakaneko Rating
It's an interesting premise and very hot, but the way it ended was like "huh?" I wish there was more since it doesn't feel entirely finished.
boarhandles Rating
The art in this is really awesome. I love how hot all the guys are, haha. The smut is also super sexy though a good chunk of it is non-con, so prob should avoid if that doesn't fly with you. I agree that the ending is weird?like come on, WHAT DID SHE RENT HIM FOR?? Annoying it ended so quickly but would re-read.
andiekae Rating
I really enjoyed the art in this one although the story kinda feels all over the place. It doesn't seem like there's any further volumes either so we don't get like any serious closure, just some implications. Still cute if you're looking for something fun and a twist on office romance!
Flyaway Rating
The story is fun to read and the dynamic relationship between the two is enjoyable. Both of them are cute and lovely. However, the ending feels like the end of season 1 or somethin. Kinda unfinished which is unfortunate, you kinda get the happy ending but not quite! I hope the author will give us a proper ending
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