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techatina Rating
It's a bittersweet sweet story. And while it's cute, my issue is they don't deal with the highlighted mental illness. Somewhat of a spoiler below.XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I don't want to give away too much, but I felt the author wanted to cut a clear line between personalities that you'd think there's two souls when there isn't. It's just one person...with a mental illness. And it wasn't dealt with in a healthy manner. But this is imo. I do apologize if you read this and found it gave away too much of the story. I was hoping this portion would be cut off.
theakaneko Rating
This is a really cute story, even dealing with hard issues. Wish it was longer so we got more of the other side... want the answer to will both halves fall in love
Simikey Rating
Totally love this story.
Sophieneechan Rating
You don't often see stories where people with DID aren't portrayed as villains or just absolute monsters, and where the writers seem to actually understand what DID is. So this was really nice. It's actually a rather sweet story after that first pushing down.
Ayala55 Rating
This was really enjoyable to read! Flash backs to Sukisho/Sukisyo! Lol, ah such a fun concept to play with!!!
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