User Reviews For: Sorry My Kid's Bothering You.


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hloo12 Rating
The Beginning was ok until the dad Let the neighbour Touch him not once but twice iReally hated the dad and I hated the other dad also
GAA1 Rating
Agree with the above review. The kid is not cute. He reminds me of Shin Chan. Only I found him to be annoying not funny. But putting him aside, cause I did not hate the kid. The over all story was good. I always buy but money wise worth the rental cost imo
Mickyl Rating
I enjoyed it. I also feel like it's a little incomplete, like it had more to tell but ran out of pages. Parts that seem big and important get rushed to a conclusion, but it has funny elements and is overall worth a rental
idgal Rating
Featuring single dad who falls for next door "babysitter" neighbor. Unlike many BL books that features little kids, the boy in this book is not cute (depends on taste) but acts as a comedic relief and says straight man lines. 3 stars because for a dad, he's kinda of lame personality wise and a pushover wishy washy guy. Prequel to " I wished you stayed a kid"
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