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lordmehmeh Rating
Absolutely love this story. Can't wait for more chapters!!
Strick Rating
"A second away from a kiss"...and light years away from a conclusion! This just keeps going and going and going....wrap it up already or at least throw something kinky in it! Lol
duckie666 Rating
This is another great story, very believable and relatable.the art style is lovely as well.
Shathisaperera Rating
Really worth reading it! I loved it so much! I am waiting for more to read of this story since it is so beautiful and lovely... I love sweet teen romance and I love all the colourful backgrounds of this story throughout the entire manga. Thank you everyone for the translation and all the writers of this manga. Congratulations on your great work and best of luck in the future. Wish they have a happy ending soon..!
Momo Rating
Honestly, this is such a cute manga. I love the development between the two!
lanling Rating
I love it. She's a strong heroine and wish I have a childhood friend like him gahhhh. Definitely been keeping up with this story.
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