User Reviews For: Mr. Perfect Next Door -Today, He Made Me Climax for the First Time.-


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Music135980 Rating
So far so good the art work is so good!
milkbread Rating
If you just want a quick, sex-driven read you may like this. However the plot advances fast with little development of their relationship, so I was left with moments where I thought, "Huh? That's all it took?" and "Why would he act that way already?". I was left wanting more emotional substance in some chapters. Like others mentions, some of the art may leave something to be desired, but I can look past it. I do have to say, where their relationship ended up going and the general storyline was enjoyable! I did end up wanting to know what happened next, and bought the whole series.
maquila Rating
Well - the plot was kind of refreshingly quick, but the art was so bad I didn't want to continue it. The art is what I call "bad yaoi art" - where things are all stretched out to creepy proportions and people have spider hands, and faces are pointed like daggers. At one point Kiego's neck is like, two feet long and his head is teeny tiny in comparison - it's awful. I'm not really going to be reading any more of it.
Raody Rating
It's cute and I enjoyed it. I bought a volume cause I wanted to be able to see the MC's awesome resting bitch face again! Hahaha. Theres not enough interest for me to read it again, but I recommend reading it once.
HiMyNameIsBob Rating
Not bad... I really like it
deatheatercharlie Rating
Love it! Keigo is so kind
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