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bunniefufu Rating
I was debating to read or not to but I am so glad I did. This was so worth the tickets. The art is good, storyline seems very normal butt the smuty scenes- RIGHT ON POINT! I hope more comes out for this series because I am offically hooked and I do not regret paying for all the tickets it is worth.
jesymphony Rating
A wonderful depiction of an actually healthy BDSM relationship - there's actually communication here, folks. Rather than having a traditional 'plot', the chapters here are carried by the hero and heroine (in a functional, happy and actually very fluffy romance) trying out different aspects of their Dom/Sub relationship. The art is fine, but what really shines here is the respect, care and love that the main couple show each other. While of course, having consensually kinky fun times. A hot and delectable ride, highly recommended!
loopysheep Rating
Better than 50 Shades because it's true to BDSM. It's sweet, honest, and respectful. It reminds me off my relationship with my dominant husband.
theakaneko Rating
OMG hawt. A lot of the situations the characters find themselves in are really funny, and I love that the S&M parts of the relationship is shown in a healthy and consentual way.As another reviewer said - reminds me of my relationship ;-) I had to share with my other half right away because of it.
Bunnyhop Rating
This has to be my top favourite series. It gives you a satisfying storyline with each new book and enough sweet scenes in-between. I could find myself reading this book over and over again!
Quinloki Rating
I feel like I might just parroting some others when I say this, but this was an incredibly good series. A nice healthy take on S&M, creative and clean artwork as well. The fact that they communicate so well is just awesome. I can't really say anything bad about this other than I could've totally gone for like 10 more chapters XD
liquidblackout Rating
I enjoyed this one very much. The lead male character really knows how to tap into her secret desires - even the naughty ones she never knew she had. There is a nice storyline and a few humourous subplots to make it a more substantial. Great overall and highly recommended!!
Hotaru0503 Rating
This manga is just really good! The characters are so cute together and smut scenes are on point! One of my favorites now!
Goddess1994 Rating
Such a sweet and sexy story. Reminds me of my current relationship. Love love love this!
Inualways14 Rating
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