User Reviews For: My Teacher's a Man-Eater!? [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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belovedless Rating
While the artwork was aesthetically pleasing, the characters felt half-written, and I actually found the teacher creepy and uncomfortable. I didn't enjoy the comedy, as it made me like the characters less.
Nikkita Rating
Everything feels too rush even for me who actually doesn't mind the pacing. I finished reading in a flash. ^^;; There are one long story about the main couple and another one short about the second couple. Both stories could have been a lot better with some more details on the characters, both main and side ones, as well as the plot. The main Seme (the sensei), in fact, has a really interesting characters but the author made it so "light" I ended up thinking like "WHAT?" after finished the whole series... This seems too "empty" imo. If you want to kill time, then go for it. However, I recommend renting it for 48 hours first or you will feel some sort of regrettable feeling like me.
fionav3 Rating
That was weird as heck. Nice art work, and I thought the story did make sense (some reviews said it didn't), but the teacher was pervy as heck. And the weird Alice doll thing? Weirded me out. Strange manga.
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