User Reviews For: Don't Eat Too Much! -I Picked up an Incubus!?-


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Whatever123 Rating
So worth it. Right up my alley.
Islander Rating
I like the story but, the seme is kind of a jerk and I really didn't like how his art style changed towards the end of the book (he looks less
techatina Rating
This was sexy, funny and oomph, cute. The art kinda changed from ch 2 onward but I preferred it to the first chapter! Both charas are extremely cute.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Love this!!! Art is amazing, so sexy!!! It's funny, it's got a really hot demon seme and a really adorable uke. This is so good and the steamy bits are HOT!!! Like seriously hot, wow! Love that these two are otc. So good. Highly recommend and it doesn't get old.
Shena Rating
Funny and hot
biggestrebel Rating
Not the typical incubus but so cute!!!! I need more of these two! It was a great story, very cute, and left me wanting more!!!!! TqT
oAnnDoll Rating
This was cute ^^
Jojo1988 Rating
I loved it Wish you would write more
Lange Rating
A pretty simple but cute story to read when you have to much time/too many tickets, haha. As a one time read it's more than acceptable and don't read too much into the story or how the theme of demons is handled here. It's still better than the average no-story smut with highschoolers.
Ltrocks78 Rating
I liked it
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