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moondream6 Rating
Best series I've read on this site. :) excellent manga. Just finished reading it for the second time. I especially love how they don't buy into the cliche yaoi manga tropes. A great one.
Funbunny7 Rating
Very good series. Wasn't sure what to expect in the beginning as the relationship started very quickly, but it was very sweet as you watched the ywo characters grow. And... The sex scenes are pretty hot.
belovedless Rating
I read 15 out of 16 volumes, and I have to say I'm not a Frontline fan! The world is kind of interesting, and the attempt to make storylines outside of the romance were nice, but the main character was not appealing to me (artwork and personality). He felt a little immature and too feminine and childish.
Veronica777sr Rating
I love this one so much i read it several times already!
nikkininja Rating
The art for this is beautiful and the plot is very well done, I can't wait for more chapters to come out :)
Ichigo Rating
Although I feel this story could have ended much earlier but I am not gonna complain because it's so fluffy and cute! Totally worth a read if you have a few hours to spare. P.S. The author and I just share the same name (username for me). No relations!
Deianira Rating
This is a really great manga, I absolutely love the plot.
MadMax413 Rating
A light hearted yaoi manga with a cute air headed uke and a serious, tsundere seme who don't express what he feel. A must read!
fionav3 Rating
Oh my god, why have I not read this sooner?! This was ADORABLE! It had everything I love from a manga: great art, nice characters, an actual storyline and smexy times (of course!). I really, really enjoyed this and just spent all evening buying and reading each issue. I really wish I had more to read. Don't be put off by the multiple issues, this is worth it!
eboorenta08di19e1b Rating
Love it
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