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jibbersweet55 Rating
This story is so good. I get where Sahara is coming from but he needs to grow some balls and ask her to marry him already.
sasaraRH Rating
Omgosh yess!! If your looking for hot H scenes, romance and a thoroughly worked out and fantastic plot, this is your manga!! I love it so much! The art style is amazing, the characters and their development so well done, and the sex, hot, sensual, romantic and on point! Highly recommend this, fabulous read and one you won't forget!!
Renko45 Rating
I'm in love with this series and the art! I love the storyline! I love the characters! I love everything this manga! I'm so glad I read it!
sinensis Rating
Boring Mary-Sue type story, the artwork isn't very impressive either. Pass.
Nanakko Rating
My my isn't that story so good so far!! Can't wait to see the rest of it!! <3
Avocado94 Rating
Very cute so far, I am looking forward to them falling in love over time.
iori Rating
What a great love story
ebookrenta08y1igfgt Rating
Must read. It's an amazing love story.
dokidokidead Rating
Sex in EVERY volume! Average about 3 pages long each time!The story is great. Sagara-kun is a "playboy" with a past (parents divorce shaped his views on relationships) and Hinako-chan is hopelessly in love. Cant wait for the wrap up. I'm predicting a proposal under a starry sky maybe some shooting or falling stars type things going on.
jenpoo1392 Rating
A great start to the series
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