User Reviews For: How to Go from "Lovers" to in Love


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jibbersweet55 Rating
This story is so good. I get where Sahara is coming from but he needs to grow some balls and ask her to marry him already.
sinensis Rating
Boring Mary-Sue type story, the artwork isn't very impressive either. Pass.
Nanakko Rating
My my isn't that story so good so far!! Can't wait to see the rest of it!! <3
Avocado94 Rating
Very cute so far, I am looking forward to them falling in love over time.
iori Rating
What a great love story
dokidokidead Rating
Sex in EVERY volume! Average about 3 pages long each time!The story is great. Sagara-kun is a "playboy" with a past (parents divorce shaped his views on relationships) and Hinako-chan is hopelessly in love. Cant wait for the wrap up. I'm predicting a proposal under a starry sky maybe some shooting or falling stars type things going on.
jenpoo1392 Rating
A great start to the series
ebookrenta09u3j7a0b Rating
5 stars
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