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Niyuar Rating
I really liked it. Ist's fluffy and funny. The dynamic between uke and seme is good. And there's no rape or scenes with questionable consent - which sadly is something rather unordinary for most yaoi.
SaraN Rating
3.5 stars. It was a surprisingly emotional story. Or maybe my reaction was surprisingly emotional? I thought it was going to be more silly, which it was a bit at the beginning, but it got more serious about halfway through. Obviously, they end up together, but I still finished the story with a bittersweet feeling. Maybe if there had been more after they became a couple, I would have felt more settled. Like in other work, the art is pretty. This was just a rental for me, not a buy.
Fairy231 Rating
Nice art as a reason to rent, don't think I'd buy to keep. The way gay relationships are portrayed in this book rubbed me the wrong way - (spoilerish alert) for example, cheating is okay as long as the cheater doesn't kiss other guys, or the implication that the main characters hid vital information from their client because they felt the cheater was justified. And the second client... like whut, you have a boyfriend, hang out in gay bars, but you're not gay? I couldn't with the denial lol. But let me get off my soapbox - this is all just fun and yaoi manga right? ;)
GregorIAN Rating
I really felt bad for at least one (if not both people) in every relationship. I should've known since I'm not a fan of the artist's other stories, but the preview pages looked interesting.
dmitridaze Rating
The amount of cliche tropes made me literally roll my eyes, but it was nostalgic reading something so very "yaoi". The plot is predictable but still interesting enough. Would recommend if you're new to yaoi or want to go down memory lane.
Cyfi Rating
this one is pretty disappointing, not at all like sensei's other works
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