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Cyfi Rating
did not deliver any of the sexy. boring.
LMonster2 Rating
I really hope that there is a pt2 to this story because it left things in the wind (so to say). It was a very cute story line and fun. But I need more!
MariannaKh Rating
I loved this story especially the wolf mates and how they balanced out their idol lives with everything happening! Great story line and I wish there was another volume <3
idgal Rating
Please translate omegaverse yaoi. This story feels like a consolation prize. It has all the elements but missing something...i like wolf boy and the art. Story felt like it needed another volume to really get to a nice ending. Wolf boy becomes a idol to earn money for family, team mate is tsundere on him, he see a full moon and the tsundere walk in on him...
kirlanda4ever Rating
What the neck did I just read? Like seriously, do not waste your money. This story was not proof read and edited for coherency. And I'm referring to the storyline, not the translation. This is a story of plotholes, thrown in characters that don't contribute to the story in anyway, and no conclusion anything. Also, no sex scenes whatsoever. A person with adhd write this. If we are going to get a shonen ai story, please make sure it's a story and not a terrible attempt at a stream of consciousness with pictures. I wish those who have it high marks would explain why. The drawings was not that great either. ??
Kyattchan Rating
Great art and it starts really good but the story kind of loses its interest by the end. The end was really sudden didn't give me any feels
Waterbaby09 Rating
I absolutely love this story and the whole concept especially the fact that they could have kids together but I was really disappointed with how it just kind of cuts off before they even start their relationship. With how much I love this I pray a sequel comes out and soon about them actually starting their relationship and even starting a family together.
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