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idgal Rating
If you have read Unohana other works before , this yaoi follows the same bittersweet path with a happy (?) Ending. Taking place after WW2, 2 bff meet again after the years, both with regrets and hidden emotions. I like the historial setting as it gives a nostalgia feel to the story. Feels like a enka song about a waiting for a lost love and hidden feelings.
legallybling Rating
I initially picked this up out of curiosity because the cover looks beautiful and the synopsis is interesting enough - I love period pieces, especially WWII era ones. I'm so glad I picked this up. This is beautifully written and drawn. The longing, the hopeless romanticism, the realistic conflict, everything is so emotional and touching. Read this if you're into heartwrenching stories with a happy end! you won't regret it.
dragonsnphoenix Rating
I think what ultimately sold this manga to me was the art. Unohana's artstyle is so sensual and expressive. This is not her best work and the story overall wasn't original or groundbreaking but it was written relatively well. I mostly enjoyed it for the WWII aesthetic and the bittersweet vibe. Also for the nice sex scenes.
meilehua Rating
There's nothing extremely dramatic about this work, and I really enjoyed that aspect of it. It's a humble story about reuniting and rekindling love.
GregorIAN Rating
Good story, complex feelings, but the whole 'don't change as long as you come back to me' section was a bit argh. Don't put up with cheating. If he gets pissy about Aoi being around the blonde soldier, then he should keep himself to the same standards!
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