User Reviews For: This Apartment Ain't Big Enough for the Both of Us. [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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lokie1808 Rating
A very cute and well drawn story. However, like other reviews I would have liked an extra chapter in the middle maybe of a bit more backstory. However, I think what's here still deserves 5 stars! It's just so cute and amazing!
Mopops Rating
I LOVE it! An original idea, nice characters, nice art and it is a really fun read! I'm just a bit sad that there wasn't any more backstory for the ghost and/or any explanation of some events.
themaskedgirl1 Rating
I like the idea, the art is great and the story is good. It has a fair amount of sexy scenes if that's what you're mostly looking forward to ^_^". But don't expect waterworks. It felt like part of the story was missing and I would have loved to have the ghost's past a bit more developed or a more clear or impressive way of him coming back after disappearing. Otherwise, I think it was still worth giving this a shot.
Ragdoll Rating
This was awesome! Loved the characters and definintly loved the comedy and yaoi parts!
MioAkiyama Rating
WOW! It's something I didn't expect just based on the cover. The story & art are well-drawn and executed. I didn't expect myself to have tears for this cute cover manga but something I'd recommend someone to read if you like comedy, supernatural + smut. It's a re-readable manga.
veeaboo Rating
I like the story, it has a lot of funny moments. I do wish there was more focus on the backstory and the sad parts, I felt like I was on the verge of tears at that last part but not enough. Definitely needs an extra chapter. That being said, the art style earns a 5star for me. ?
Sophieneechan Rating
I agree with all the others that this is a good story with nice art, but that it feels like part of the story is missing. This could easily be the basis for two more volumes, I need more of the ghost's backstory and just explanations in general.
badbookkeeping Rating
Absolutely adorable! I really like romances with ghosts, but they're usually so sad. Luckily, this story is very fluffy and heartwarming! Love the artstyle, too!
Kitten95 Rating
I liked the story but it's true. Feel like it's missing some background story.
Blackroseorchid Rating
This was a super cute story and the art was amazing. I hope this author writes more stories.
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