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Binx0r Rating
Art is excellent and pacing is good. However the content is a depiction of the disturbing 'rapist turned love interest' trope. I used to love these stories, now I know better.
randomgirl7 Rating
Cute, Charming and totally sweet bad boy with a hotter brother complex. The art is wonderful, erotic and in full color!
feitenayame Rating
Cute, direct, and happy. Very good with not a lot of drama stuffed in.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
So cute!!! Ayaka is such a stalker!!! And the younger brother, her classmate is so cute and aggressive at the same time. Liked how he was just trying to look out for her since she obviously had no clue what his big bro was really like. The art is awesome, so pretty and loved that it was colored. They were cute together. This was a very entertaining read!
Nope Rating
Don't expect anything morally great. I mean, just look at the title. But I loved this. It ended up being incredibly cute. And I found myself either being amused or aww-ing. It was of course very kinky. But nothing that made me feel sick. There IS forceful sexual encounters, so be aware if you're not into that. It's done in a way that Stalker Girl isn't traumatized after though, just maybe embarrassed. And I think that has to do with the cute spin on it.
Dieusername Rating
I kept skipping over this one thinking it wasn't going to be to my taste, but the main male character ended-up being insanely hot. I actually ended-up finding him extremely attractive. The story kept me interested, some of these stories make me feel like banging my head against a wall. I actually enjoyed the characters and the pacing of this one.
Flowerbomb88 Rating
Really enjoyed the art work in this one.
Liin Rating
The story is interesting, despite being so short. I particularly like full-colored manga. And even if I was skeptical at the beginning, I really liked it
Jeyjin Rating
I loved this manga
GorillaSoup Rating
A cute little story with a cute protagonist and hot bad boy. Also, the art is erotic and amazing!!
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