User Reviews For: Umegatani Boys' High School -Romance of the Dark Princes-


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kcfantastic Rating
This was surprisingly good! I was hesitant because of the cover art, but the art is actually quite decent, the stories are cute, and the scenes are super steamy. Definitely worth a read! I hope to see more of this author.
Oddreader Rating
Don't let this one pass you by! A lot of yaoi sex scenes can fall flat, but this manga sets it up so each scene is smoking hot! Each couple has a unique twist to relationship that has me begging for more! Neck hypersensitivity, hickey obsession, and kiss rejection, oh my!
Ren4Liz28 Rating
Just the greatest! I love how it is essentially one story, but about different pairs. The final pair is the best one, I think. All are great though. The stories are funny and sweet. You cannot miss this one.
SavageUnicorn Rating
This so cute and sreamy. The artwork and stories are good.
funbrillo Rating
I have re-read this a few times. All three of the couples are great. The stories seem to be just the right pace to make you believe in the couples love for each other. I would of course love for them to be longer but they don't seem too rushed and I am satisfied with all of the stories. This one was worth buying.
MeepsandYaoi Rating
Pretty darn good
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