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kurome Rating
Very heartwarming 鐔¥
Magickitten1 Rating
Adorable Manga. Well worth the buy. The art was amazing, the story was cute. I am only sad that it ended.
fionav3 Rating
Not a bad manga, but not one that I would reread either. Glad I rented it instead of buying. Aki was a good seme - in love with the uke for 14 years and helped him out of a tight spot but didn't force him into sex after that (gave him pretty reasonable choices on how to pay him back). The music producer was an ass, and I still don't understand why he didn't go public after threatening to.
funbrillo Rating
This was a fun read. I just rented it. I took away a star just because I feel there could have been more. Either show more of their story now that they are together. Or give a romance story for the assistant and music producer. It just left me wanting more. But really fun to read. It is not really like Love Stage like a previous review said. The only real similarity in story is romance set in the entertainment business and that is pretty generic. If there was a sequel, it would be a 5 star read for me.
zzzzz Rating
If I could have given this a 3.5, I would have. If you've ever read Love Stage, this is decently similar, and none of the character types felt too different in comparison. The beginning and backstory I think are the strong parts here, but it doesn't really stick to the ideas or barriers for the characters that it sets up in the beginning. It's still very cute and the main relationship is fun to follow, and again the backstory does add a lot.
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