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NessaBDC Rating
So here's the thing...the title story which is the first two parts, not so good. It is what it is and true to reviews it is bland and even a bit confusing. But the other two stories, I loved! They were cute, the couples had character, the art even seemed better. By the time I got to the end and looked at the cover I had actually forgotten the first couple and I was startled to see them. It's worth the read for the second two and I actually look forward to more on the second two in the future.
yaoi415 Rating
The story was bland. It felt like watching pretty dolls manipulated to create a story rather than actual people expressing human feelings and characteristics.
malcosky Rating
The stories wasn't bad.I go for the second story. It is more to my liking.And don't expect for something that aggressive; the story pretty much a softie.
6384927 Rating
Not this author's's basically several chapters of a grown man whining that the guy he likes grew up and isn't a cute underage child anymore. There's honestly nothing to the plot other than this guy throwing a fit because he only wants to sleep with a high schooler, and then suddenly resolving it with not much in the way of storyline. I enjoyed her other works more, this one left me unsatisfied.
HorseObsessed Rating
?The first story (with Wataru & Ryu) is the best, sooo goood.? You need to get this one!?
Broesa Rating
Out of all the stories from the "Rule Number One" universe, I liked this one the most. I like pining childhood friends troupe, so it made me weak in the knees. It felt really satisfying seeing them eventually get together!
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